Prenatal Yoga

On your journey to motherhood

On your journey to motherhood

"At YogaWorks, we offer Pre/postnatal and Baby & Me classes to help" "make this time before & after your baby is born, everything that it can be."

Prenatal Yoga - provides a safe and calming environment for pregnant women to nurture their bodies during this wondrous time of life. This class will help improve balance, circulation, and toning with postures modified for the needs of each trimester.

The deep breathing you will learn in Prenatal yoga will be a huge help when it’s time to give birth. Get to know other expectant mothers and learn relaxation techniques that will take you far beyond pregnancy.


Postnatal - Rebuild core strength and relieve neck and shoulder tension while interacting with your baby in a supportive environment. Postnatal classes give new moms a chance to gradually transition back to regular practice. Both moms and dads are welcome. For pre-walkers ages 6 weeks to 2 years.


  • Prenatal
  • develop stamina & strength for easier delivery
  • stretch & relieve pregnancy aches & pains
  • connect with moms-to- be & your baby
  • Postnatal
  • rebuild your core strength
  • relieve neck & shoulder tension from carrying your baby
  • connect with new moms
  • Baby & Me
  • bond with your baby in a supportive environment
  • for pre-walkers: ages 6 wks - 2 yrs
  • get centered, strong & have fun