Intro to Yoga Teacher Training

Learning to teach yoga properly can be scary and complicated. New yoga teachers are trying to lead safe, effective yoga classes while also projecting confidence and competence and trying to set themselves apart from other teachers. This is a lot. YogaWorks yoga teacher training courses give new teachers a time-tested toolkit to teach safe and effective yoga classes, freeing them up to focus on finding their voice as a teacher.  Our Yoga alliance certified 500 hour teacher training courses give you professional creditials to begin your career as a yoga trainer.  We also offer shorter teacher training intensives and continuing education courses to meet the needs of anyone seeking to become a yoga teacher.

In addition to courses in our Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Orange County studios, our yoga teacher training programs are available at many locations throughout the United States and at yoga retreat destinations worldwide.  Our programs are available year-round, and in a variety of formats so you can always find a training to suit your schedule. We offer serious students, aspiring and current yoga teachers the opportunity to deepen their practice, unlock their potential, and transform their understanding of yoga.



Explore our training programs below or click here to find an upcoming training in your area. 

Want to find out how YogaWorks Yoga Teacher Training can work for you? Contact one of our Program Advisors who can answer any questions.  They can also help you develop a training plan and a schedule that works for you and your budget.  Click here to discuss your goals with one of our Program Advisor


Teacher Training Programs

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
The YogaWorks 200 hour yoga teacher training is designed to take your personal practice to a whole new level and provide you with the skillset to offer students an intelligent and inspired yoga class. This course is ideal for serious students and aspiring teachers. 
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
This six-month program is designed to transition a 200-Hour yoga teacher training graduate into a professional, working yoga teacher. Through a combination of a six-month apprenticeship with a mentor teacher, a six month weekend workshop series & practice teaching series, trainees will refine their teaching skills, identify areas of expertise, and set the foundation for fully incorporating yoga into their life path.
Continuing Education
The study of yoga is a lifelong commitment and source of inspiration. There is always something new to discover, to learn and to experience. We are leaders in providing continuing education opportunities for you to acquire new skills to enhance your personal practice, learn new approaches to teaching and gain new techniques to work with diverse populations.
YogaWorks Certification
YogaWorks is commited to upholding a very high standard of quality for teaching yoga though YogaWorks Certification. We encourage you to pursue this passion and make a professional statement by joining us for the 500hour YogaWorks Certification Assessment.  This achievement will indicate that you understand and represent the standards for which YogaWorks is renowned.
12 Hour Yoga Immersion
Deepen and refine your asana practice and get a glimpse into the deeper layers of yoga with our weekend immersion. YogaWorks offers the essential elements of 200-Hour yoga Teacher Training Program over the course of one 12-hour weekend. This is great for people who are not ready to commit a longer training and for graduates of the 200-Hour training who are looking for a refresher course.