Program Results
Hospital & Hospice Data:
Pain decreased 41%
Anxiety decreased 54%
Mood improved 47%
Feeling well rested improved 46%
$1 million per year per floor cost savings at Beth Israel Hospital, based on $156 per patient per day. These savings are from reduced patient days at the hospital from faster healing, and from decreased pain medications.


“Our connection to the UZIT program over the past year has proven to be a very meaningful and real way to engage and focus nursing professionals on the concept of their own well-being and personal health as well as to translate that important knowledge to their peers and patients. Nurses truly are society’s caregivers. They are there for all of us when we need them most and play an incredibly important role in our communities, and we’re committed to supporting this profession so they’ll be able to continue their important and life-saving work.” — ANDREA HIGHAM, Director of the Johnson & Johnson “Campaign for Nursing’s Future”

"I was discharged after spending six days receiving continuous infusion chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The care was excellent but as part of my treatment I was placed on high dose prednisone, a cardiac monitor, a PICC line, and exposed to frequent interruptions of sleep due to blood draws, ambient hospital noise, and other stimuli. I received Urban Zen techniques on two occasions, which demonstrated basic, effective methods of dealing with the stressors I was encountering as part of my hospital experience. I wish to express my gratitude for the help I received from the Urban Zen program and hope that the program's true value will be recognized and respected as an instrumental part of providing excellent healthcare at UCLA."  — UCLA Patient

"Normally it takes a lot of medication to help me relax, but this really worked. It put me under a spell." — UCLA Patient

“It really helps to have somebody come in and encourage you to move your body and be aware of your breath. Just having someone there helping me do it makes all the difference.”  — Beth Israel Medical Center Patient

“I have some tools now that work. It’s just amazing.” — Beth Israel Medical Center patient

"The enormous soothing and healing of hearts and spirits we can now provide to our patients and families will be extraordinary. On my particular floor, we have more than our share of death and dying. Often, our patients are in their teens. We also have a lot of mothers, younger than myself, who have to say goodbye to their children, which /s the hardest part, personally, for me in my work. One of my biggest frustrations of working in oncology has been my inability to offer more than I do in the way of psycho-social support to my patients and families. Now, with Urban Zen, I can finally give even more to these people in a simple and loving way. And I am Profoundly Grateful for that." — SUZANNE TRAVIS, RN, Student at UCLA UZIT Training