Prepare yourself for the challenging arm balance bakasana in this flow class. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Cheryl U.


Great class. I *liked* the imagery of the tinkling dog and the zombie. I mean, really, has anyone been in that position and not thought about a peeing dog? :)

Harriet K.


I really enjoyed this class, but as is typical for a peak-pose structure, there was a lot of exposition. This can be a great thing to lend an enhanced perspective on a pose, but makes it less likely for me to revisit the class.

Kika A.


Great sequence, thank you! Loved it!

Nathan N.


I found the sequence of movements in this lesson to be helpful in building toward crow and at a nice level of difficulty. But I found the instruction distracting -- the tone felt more appropriate to a personal trainer or coach than yoga practice, with some odd imagery choices (a peeing dog? zombie?).

Lindsay B.


Really good sequence working toward final crow pose, nice little cool down.

Jody W.


I really enjoyed this class and it was nice instruction. I needed a little more stretching of my hips at the end.

pamela s.


Nice variations, awesome class to get to crow

Devon F.


Great class, really had me warmed up and feeling the benefits right away. Awesome pace and direction as well!

Margaret M.


I usually have a hard time hitting and holding bakasana, but this got me there! Great class to wake up the body and balance.


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