Give your wrists a break in this class aimed at strengthening your legs and core. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Dena K.


Very happy to discover this class as I recover from a wrist injury. It is an excellent workout and a nice change. Thanks to others on this site for recommending David Kim's Look Ma No Hands. I look forward to trying that as well!

Joshua Z.


This a very specific comment mostly for people for sensory sensitivity issues. Unfortunately she does a “smacking” sounds with her mouth before each instruction and it’s too much to bear for someone like me

Julia M.


Not helpful or kind. No one would notice if you didn’t call attention to it. Keep things like this to yourself in the future, Joshua.

Lisa D.


Nice workout with a different approach!

Elizabeth N.


I’m so glad that I found another class that I can do without putting pressure on my wrists! Note: There is a down dog in the very beginning, but you can substitute dolphin pose instead. The other class that doesn’t require you to use your wrists is called, Look Ma, No Hands. David Kim teaches it, and it has been my favorite, well-rounded, go-to class since I developed arthritis in my wrists and elbows and can no longer do chaturangas.

Ann W.


If you want to really loosen your hamstrings take this class. Lots of spine lengthening and forward bending. If you have sacrum issues or lower back pain focus on creating length and space with strength. Folding over with no core support will only aggravate lower back pain. Legs and abs are definitely the main focus. The upper back does not get a lot of love until the end so if you have a tight upper back I would recommend a few mild thoracic back openers before the class.

Maura T.


This was the perfect class for when I was in PT after having surgery on my wrist... and then again when I broke my other. It was what I needed to get back into yoga, at home without it being overly stressful. This class really helped me to progress through my PT get my wrist back to 100%. I don't do it often anymore unless I need a nice easier flow. But I highly recommend it if you have wrist problems or recently broke a wrist.

Cecile D.


The website needs another way to get at finding the no-wrist alternatives. David Kim has one called “Look Ma, no hands.” Under a “wrist” search, it doesn’t come up, but I finally recalled enough of the title to find it.

Katie K.


It was nice to focus on the legs but it was kind of repetitive and a LOT of forward folds

Kelly A.


I thing the title is appropriate. It is wrist relief but not without any wrists. I am a nurse and all the fine movement I do with IV meds and hours of computer charting is adding up and causing a lot of wrist pain. This was a great workout that didn't stress my wrists but it was a little slow. Maybe that's what you get when you take out sun salutations.

Stefanie M.


Exactly what I was looking for! Strong flow with out caturanga’s. Blocks will help protect wrists even further, and more twisting at the end can release lower back pressure. I will take this class again, thanks, Anne!

Nancy G.


Agree with prior comments to be careful of your lower back. I found myself adding Down Dog between the standing poses. I also engaged my outer hips each time I came to standing. I chose this class hoping it would be gentle to my fingers, which are arthritic, but wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose. We still used our hands, even though they were not flexed.

Terri H.


This is a great short class if you have any wrist pain. Very good if you have a goal of building some lower body strength. Recommended as long as you are very mindful of protecting your lower back in warrior 2 and side angle in particular.

Mary D.


Her instructions to lift the frontal hip points up and lengthen the abdomen toward the chest should have helped take care of the lower back.

Jody W.


Good instruction and nice flow for those who want a practice which avoids chaturangas.

Kristin J.


The sequence of these standing poses is a lower back killer despite being lighter on the wrists. Be careful.

Sofia S.


Recently i've found myself with a rotator cuff injury. Been searching for classes to adapt without putting too much weight on the shoulders...this is a really good one. Doing it again for sure.

Heather S.


Coming to this with some sore, over-used wrists, I found myself creating a lot of modifications to reduce the use of my wrists even further. Otherwise, a solid, rigorous level 2 class with a nice long savasana at the end.

Joni O.


Pretty good.


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