Tone your core stabilizers with emphasis on engaging your low back brace (transverse abs). Great for posture, back health and core knowledge. Recommended props: 1 block


Abbie C.


Great class! Unique, quick and engaging

Ryan O.


Totally unique ways to target core. Really felt it.

Pinky K.


Love the detail and unique way to identify core muscles. Good addition to a workout.

Kellie S.


This video is very helpful to focus in on the core!

Zoe M.


A great video help you draw focus to muscles in the core which are less familiar.

Cheryl S.


This was a great workout focusing on areas that are normally overlooked in other ab workouts. I used it as a quick add-on to a longer, all-around workout.

Jill C.


that was so interesting! I could really feel my traverse abs working. I agree, great instruction!

Kimberly S.


It is only 9:40, but I know that I will feel it tomorrow! Great instruction!


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