Tune into the breath and set your intention inward in this meditative class that explores the intricacies of your mind and spirit. Recommended props: 1 blanket


Andrea G.


Thank you for this guided meditation. It allowed me to gain some quiet time in the middle of the day. Thank you 🙏



I am a fan Dan. It was so relaxing. Usually my back just hurts or my knees but I was able to get through this meditation without any nagging pain. Your voice kept my mind off and focused. Love

Amanda J.


I really enjoyed this meditation. I think it'd be especially good for folks new to meditation because Dan does talk you through concepts and ideas as you sit, so it is a more "led" meditation versus silent. I enjoyed it as a change of pace from my more "formal" counting breaths quiet time. Thank you!

Eric B.


For me this was more of a talk on meditation versus meditation. There is taking throughout so if you want some silence or mantras, this session maybe a precursor to that.



Just started a new way of life...home from a spa in the caribbean & was introduced to meditation there.
Enjoyed greatly continuing with this great meditation.

Cathy V.


Very soothing and a great guided meditation.


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