Set your day up for success with this morning meditation that will help cultivate a positive intuition for the day. Recommended props: 1 bolster, 1 blanket


Elena M.


I could barely hear with the laptop next to my head. i liked what i did hear...hoping sound quality can be fixed as I see others have had the same issue

Vanessa L.


This meditation is a great way to start the day with intention and body scan. A bit hard to hear, but otherwise calm and grounding. Thank you 🙂

Michelle L.


His voice is fine however I did notice a quality difference depending on which device I was using. Worked well on my laptop with its built-in surround, but sounded horrible on my smartphone with its smaller speaker. I had to use earbuds with the smartphone to get the bass tones in his voice. Also I have different earbuds, the cheap ones didn't work well, the good ones that came with my phone that can play bass, worked. It's a male voice so you gotta find what device will play those tones. Hope this helps someone. I love the meditation content but I am looking this morning for something to get me moving around and unstiffening in the morning.

Julie H.


This meditation is just long enough to re-set for the next activity or part of your day. I find his voice calm, clear and grounded so I don't understand the other remarks

Teri B.


The meditation helped to center me and set an intention for my day however his voice is edgy, not at ease, high strung.

Maria M.


It was nice but was difficult to hear his voice on my laptop without hooking up to an external speaker.


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