Work up to the advanced arm balance, flying pigeon, in this short practice that will leave you feeling strong and energized. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Madeleine O.


This class offers a wonderful stretch for your outer hips - but it is slow paced and not that technical. I enjoyed the class, but considered it more of a recovery class and more like a level 2. Also, like another commenter said, there is a glitch in the video that ends up making a piece repeat and your sides uneven so just beware. I would take this class again, but maybe post run instead of as my daily yoga practice.

Jennie W.


Good hip opener class, but definitely not a level 3.

Francine M.


The dialog repeats over and over in this video. It’s happened in other classes as well. Suggest you edit as it can be very annoying and takes away from the class.


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