Level 3

Handstand Homework

Angela Kukhahn
54 min
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Prep your practice for the rigors of handstand in this fun and energetic practice. Recommended props: 1 blanket, 1 strap, 1 block


Viji S.


As always, Angela's instruction is clear, concise, and on point (with a bit of humor tossed in too). Like that there are two students so you can see the positions from different angles. Am lucky to take Angie's classes and this segment is classic handstand prep a la Angela. Great teacher. Please post more classes Angie!!!

Ikonia u.


This class was structural, on point, descriptive and challenging. Great warm up and great sequence for a little more chopped up class working towards a specific peak pose. Thanks

Aubrey J.


This class was amazing to build the strength necessary for handstands. I’ve been a bit of a wuss when it comes to handstands, opting for headstands instead. I loved the stretching and the strengthening sequences that lead up to the wall work. Think my arms will feel it tomorrow!

Ana O.


I loved the stretches and the sequence..

Sydni A.


It was lovely, but not a flow class. It was more isolated series of stretches and strength building exercises.

Nadine A.


So glad to have found this website. Totally loved this class and the teacher. Thank you!

Stephen B.


Well thought out and executed sequence, thank you!
Every focus throughout this practice made the end result flow with energetic ease.
I especially appreciate the wrist warm ups and noticed my wrists feel great after completing this class. I'll now use these warm ups every day and will revisit this class often.

Martina C.


Loved your class! Please post more long classes like this one
/Martina yoga teacher


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