Open your heart with this well rounded sequence that focuses on backbends. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Andi W.


A lot of vinyasas! Like A LOT. Sometimes I have to take a break or modify my vinyasas because my strength isn't quite there yet. Great class though! Works the whole body.

Kylie D.


Labeled Level 2, but instructor states at very beginning of video that it's a Level 3 class and challenging.

Yagnesh P.


Thank you for a lovely class. i enjoyed having that extra openness around my chest. perfect workout after my run today.

Rachel I.


Felt great after this - really invigorating!



Keeping the good vibes going from the special time of our wedding two weeks ago, I am embarking on this journey with you. All of these videos are well-chosen in topic; I look forward to feeling into them as body/mind/spirit workouts as a new bride! Blessings, A

Kristina M.


I loved the flow of this class, thank you so much!

Tina H.


i really enjoyed this class. great cues, great pace, nice short warm up and cool down (which i am missing a bit in a lot of the online classes i have taken so far).


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