Open your hips and hamstrings as you work toward visvamitrasana. Any level student will get something out of working toward this advanced pose! Recommended props: 1 block


Vanessa L.


Love this! My hips are happy.😊

Gloria C.


I couldn't do the full expression of some of these, but the interstitial flows and the explanations were wonderful in a class focused more on flexibility than most. I loved it so much and will be coming back. Alexandria is my favorite teacher that I've found here so far! Not too slow, but detailed, calm, and warm when speaking.

Ken M.


Absolutely amazing class today and I do agree with the other comments this is definitely more of a level 3 but, any level should try this not only was it very challenging it was also very opening for the hips, lower back, spine and hamstring. Just feel so happy, open, and free. Please more of these and Alexandria you are just a huge favorite of mine more of you please please!!!!

Olivia G.


I took this and I am pretty flexible, yet it really challenged me, and I loved that! It's definitely doable, but you have to work towards it. I would not expect to go in and be able to do every pose - this is one you may want to take two or three times before getting the ending pose, but it just depends on you and your body! I loved this class and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Alexandria always does a great job of setting you up so you never feel like you are unprepared.

Lenora H.


This pose has always been elusive to me but I was actually able to get into it after Alexandria's preparation and explanation of how to work into it.

Aliza P.


This is an intense class with advanced poses. I'm a seasoned yogi, and I think it should be labeled Level 3.

It's a great workout and good setup for compass pose (visvamitrasana).


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