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Instant Relief for Anxiety

Dan Ward
7 min
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When things get rough use this meditation to free the stress from your body and find peace. Recommended props: 1 blanket


Lisa D.



Amanda J.


Thank you!

Eva V.


Loved it , thank you

Sharon M.


Nice! A simple, powerful tool. The calming encouragement helps. Thank you for this.

Leyda P.


Laid off, lost house, car, dad passed away at home this month (November) of cancer and I am taking care of my mom who has Alzheimers. 2020 has been more than heavy. Some me time had been hard to come by but meditation and yoga always soothes me, so thank you 🙏🏼

Anna M.


Sending you love and light. I hope everything shifts for you, continue self care, it sounds like you are carrying a ton

Kimberly S.


Lovely and simple, but volume too low, even with mine up 100%

Aoife O.


Lovely short meditation.

Margot B.


Quaratine, divorce,self isolation this is a thank you for reminding me to love myself. Love your videos and with you and my yoga works surviving this life changing event we are all going thru

Christine C.


Absolutely nothing but positives here especially as times are so tough. Please be kind. This was an appreciated 6 min and 20 seconds.

Jenny S.


Maybe YW should take down the videos that get negative reviews, and rather than having "so many" to choose from, make them all great?

Grayce C.


i find the voices of all the meditation instructors are grating, distracting and not at all soothing....

Heather S.


Compared to my experience of what meditation is, this wasn't exactly that -- it was also peppered with tips for how to relax and explanations for why we might need this meditation.


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