Strengthen, energize and get your circulation going in this sequence for mamas to be. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap, 1 bolster


Cristina G.


great challenging class, and I love the sivasana!

Andrea E.


Very classic flow for pregnancy. Really loved and enjoyed it!

Kera D.


This class takes a slightly more traditional hour-long vinyasa flow and modifies it for a prenatal audience. Patti includes sun salutations, traditional poses with longer holds (ex- warrior 2, triangle, half-moon, side angle), and seated hip openers. She offers moderate and advanced options for many of the poses.

Amy M.


This is the most challenging class of this series. I'm at the end of my third trimester so had to skip a couple poses that felt like they were crushing my ribs and take some breaks, but it felt great. Patti is an awesome instructor!

Petra T.


I have an established level 3+ practice but am getting a lot of mixed messages about what is/is not safe during first trimester. Is this one safe?

Jesse B.


This is a great, challenging class with lots of long holds that are great for building stamina! Feeling a lot more open and grounded afterwards. Thank you, Patti!

Alexandra M.


Great class but more on par with the Level 3 prenatal classes on this site. I'm 34 weeks with carpal tunnel but was able to modify by practicing on my forearms/hands and knees and skipping some of the flow elements. I always love Patti's classes!

Edith C.


This is one of my favorite prenatals. Patti is the best. This is a great workout & more like a level 3.

Allison H.


The perfect 1 hour prenatal flow! Please keep more coming - I loved it. Very easy to follow even when not looking at the screen. Thanks Patti! Me and my baby bump felt great all day from starting out the morning with this flow.

camila g.


I was not too convinced about taking online classes but after this one, Im hooked! Patti is an amazing teacher and it feels like Im taking the class with her at the studio. You dont need fancy props and after one hour you will feel so much better! More online prenatal yoga flow classes, please!!!


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