Take a moment to rest and recover during your journey with this chill flow before ramping up with day 6. Recommended props: 2 blocks

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Cassie C.


Super chill

Seanan F.


This is an excellent all-rounder for the day after any kind of exertion, or to counterbalance an intense training program. The directions are clear, the pace is steady, and the instructor is supportive. The class incorporates yin yoga, stretching, and mindful movement in an intelligent, purposeful way.

Rita P.


Sweet recovery moves! Nice stretching and counter pressures.



How do I mark the class as completed?

Janet L.


Hi Patrycja! You cannot mark a class as complete; however, if you go to the Journey to Strength Challenge page linked in the description, you'll see each day outlined above the videos to choose from. Simply click "MARK COMPLETE" when you've completed your selected class of the day.

Maureen A.


Thank you! I didn't understand that either. I was doing the classes and not getting the credit for them.


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