Turn the fire on with this class aimed at engaging your lower body through classic yoga poses. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Afsha N.


Brilliant workout as always.

Maria S.


Thanks Mia Togo that was what I needed this morning great job

Natalie J.


A great class that focuses on legs and a little bit of balance. Perfect amount of time to feel the burn!

Sonia G.


Those were my first words upon finishing this practice Great workout in only 22 minutes. Mia's cuing is spot on. Thanks!

Patrizia M.


I liked this class! It's very grounding in a light heated way. Just the right pacing and lots of room for breathing. Nice morning practice on its own or after a walk or some cardio as well.

Jessica R.


I loved this practice!! It's short, but man does it ignite some fire. Great way to warm those legs up before starting the day


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