Explore the sutra series with this class on the niyamas—the personal observances that can greatly aid your practice. Recommended props: 1 block


Nadine Z.


Amazing! I love every video taught by Mia Togo!

Amanda J.


Thank you, Mia! LOVED this practice! Cheers!

Betty K.


Feeling great and empowered after practice. Thank you!

Lien I.


This class is not fast-paced and focuses on truly building up/deepening specific poses such as warrior 3. It's pretty well-rounded - has a bunch of chaturangas, but also a bit of core work and leg stretches. Room for introspection, meditation and stillness throughout, so very nice for an evening practice or for quieting the mind.

Dee M.


Kids were driving me crazy and I was feeling myself melting down. This class was EXACTLY what I needed to relax and regroup. What a beautiful class! Thank you!

Kate T.


I really am liking Mia's classes. She has a great teaching style, delving deeper into Yoga beyond just a bunch of exercises. You will feel refreshed both mentally and physically. I will definitely be trying more of Mia's classes. Thank you!

Ann L.


Before class: Frazzled, disconnected
After class: Content. Very. Thank you.

Leslie K.


I really like this teacher. Love her wisdom and teaching style. A perfect 45 minute class that is challenging and soothing at the same time. Thank you

Ellen B.


Thank you for a beautiful class, Mia. I always enjoy your classes but this one is the perfect combination of movement, stillness and introspection.


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