Use your fitness ball in this fun Pilates mat sequence.


Vanessa L.


love this class! great core workout. I also did it without the ball and still got a great workout!

Maya F.


I did it without the ball and it still worked my abs. love this one!

Paola D.


Good class!

Amanda M.


This could be a level three class if it went on a full 60. Tried without then with the ball and the ball raises difficulty up several notches. Will do again!

Art C.


Lisa's classes are all great, but this ball class will leave your glutes burning!!! :)

Jennifer F.


I am currently struggling with Achilles tendonitis, so I have to avoid serious stretching that occurs in positions like down dog. While I'm giving my ankle a few weeks to recover, I have come back to pilates for the first time in about 15 years. I forgot how intense the concentrated ab and thigh/glutes work could be, in the best of ways!

Elena M.


would like more classes with fitness balls- including the big pilates/yoga balance ball!

Dee M.


Love love love this exercise! Super fun and challenging. I am so glad I found this exercise and allows me to put my new fitness balls to use.

Karen H.


So fun!!! Not as brutal as Lisa's in person classes!! Still killer, but I think I will still be able to walk after this video. 😂

Alie T.


Love the ball work! excellent work out after a day of work... Happy myyogaworks is incorporating pilates floor work now.

Anna R.


I loved it! Excellent Pilates class, I will definitely be coming back to this again and again.

Helena M.


Went by quickly with just the right amount of challenge


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