Reconnect with those achey parts of your body following your pregnancy and give them extra love and attention. Recommended props: 1 block


M F.


Has anyone checked on James? It sounds like he has sleep apnea

Stuart B.


Perfect Class, Fingers Crossed for More Postnatal Classes!

Peter R.


Very nice sequence but, for those recovering from c-secton, should offer a note and modification for shalabasana.

Danielle P.


A wonderful postnatal sequence, I love the pace and always feel energized afterwards.

Sinead O.


Research now proves that the Mula Bandha lock is actually contrary to a flexible pelvic floor; contraction and hold of the muscles that the mula bandha lock involves can instead cause the pelvic floor to become over-tight, lacking flexibility and cause issues in labour and postnatally, contributing to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Nora H.


Enjoyed the sequence, legs up the wall at the was perfect!

Rebecca H.


This is the best postnatal sequence! I am still using it almost 1 year postpartum to stretch my sorest places. Such a gift!!!

Elliot D.


This was exactly what I needed tonight! Thank you!


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