Energize your body, stretch the tight muscles around your neck, and connect to your baby in this short beginner prenatal yoga sequence. Explore the entire prenatal yoga journey series. Recommended props: 1 bolster


Melody K.


This is a great way to wake up quickly and get some stretching through the trunk, which I didn't even notice was so tight and restricted until doing this class!

Lauren N.


This was wonderful! I'm not a newbie to yoga, but I haven't done much since becoming pregnant. This was relaxing and a great way to get back into things with a beautiful connection to baby. Can't wait to continue the journey.

Shiraza M.


I've been kinda feeling down and low energy and this was just what I needed to get back into yoga and feel re-energized.

Jacqueline V.


Patti Quintero is an awesome instructor. She explains the postures and their benefits during pregnancy. She is professional and takes pride in her work, I never get tempted to look at the time to see how much longer I have until the end of class! Lol.

Danee S.


I completed this after a long 8 hour day on my feet (plus 1 hour on the phone with my cell phone company...) and it was EXACTLY what I needed to breath, stretch, relax, and tune back into my body. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I literally teared up at the end because I felt so much gratitude and really did feel more connected with my baby.

Jo L.


This is my second pregnancy practicing with this series and I love it! But I remember a video dedicated to stretches to help sciatica- any way we can get that back on the site?

MYW t.


Hi Jo, and all!

Our prenatal for sciatica video is still up! Here's a link if you're interested: https://www.myyogaworks.com/video/prenatal-for-sciatica/

Djael M.


Perfect video to do the next morning after a class with Patti after you are feeling sore. Includes essential stretches, squats and a few downward dogs. Time to shine. Thank you Patti for sharing

daniela a.


hello!! im 17 weeks! and my question is if i can do it everyday? and i only see videos for 7 days that means i can repeat the 7 videos every week?

Jenn S.


Just finished my first of hopefully 9 months of these videos... i'm 4 weeks and 5 days with my third little one and feel blessed to have found this site for my journey this time around.

Brianna C.


I love starting my day with this session. I'm 30W2d and am really starting to become uncomfortable sleeping and wake up sore, this is the perfect way to wake up and loosen up joints and stiff areas. <3

Jacqueline R.


Hi There! I'm not brand new to yoga but by far am considered advanced. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now, so I wanted to know if there were any classes or poses I should stay away from? I'm looking forward to taking these online classes!

Poppy W.


Hi there, I can see in the Journey to Birth a Series that there are 3 videos specifically for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters for day 7. Are the videos for days 1-6 suitable for 1st Trimester? I am 6w 3d so just wanted to check. Brilliant classes, thank u!

Allison M.


At 38 weeks, I found this to be the perfect prenatal video. It allowed me to make slight modifications while still feeling like I was completing the workout. I do this anytime throughout the day when I need to reconnect with my body and gain an energy boost.

Jennifer T.


Is there an advanced prenatal rise and shine video? In the options there is a 3x beginner listed and a 2x advanced, but it is the same video.

Jennifer P.


Im currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby and the lower back pain and stiffness in the mornings is kicking up a notch. This video is my savior right now in the mornings! Patti is just as calm and relaxing in these videos as she is in the studio, its the best way to wake up! If only I could get my husband to wake up with our little one EVERY morning so I could do it 7 days a week...hah!

Marisa B.


Wish Patti had more classes on here!

Ashlee Y.


This was beautiful. Mornings can be difficult for me but I now enjoy getting out of bed!

Pamela S.


I have been doing rise and shine for the past 2 months (I am now 27 weeks). Its energizing and it really helps bring breath and awareness to some sticky spots like my hips and wrists. Its the best 16 minutes of my day.


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