Open your hips, hamstrings and shoulders, which are all areas of the body that tend to get tight for runners. Check out the Runners Journey for more.


Amy M.


Just getting back into running. My legs are always tight, especially my IT bands. This class was amazing. The instructor is one of my favorites too!

Kera Z.


I enjoyed the poses. Really opened my hips up. The instructor spoke a lot and made jokes probably to keep the mood light, but it was distracting for me. Also, sometimes she would mumble while explaining a pose which was distracting.

Sareena M.


Alexandria talked the entire time! I found her annoying. I also don't think this was a good runners stretch; too many forward bends and sun salutations that have nothing to do with running

Jennifer G.


There was some nice stretching, but honestly there was way too much talking, most of which was not relevant or useful to my practice

Bethanie P.


I did this class the day after a run, but still found it helpful. I liked some of the variations on poses, especially Half Monkey with an ITB stretch. Nice class, Alexandria!

Brittany G.


I really liked this class. I thought it was a nice balance of flow and stretch. Not as static or tiring as other 'runner' classes. Just great!

Julia C.


Did this after a kickboxing class hoping to stretch my hips and quads. I feel like this class eventually got into those areas, but that work was offset by the killer crescent portion. I wasn't expecting strength work. The description says you'll also work on your shoulders but I felt that was lacking. My neck and shoulders actually feel tighter after doing this class.

C C.


felt like i needed adductors stretched

Kimberly M.


Incredible drink to my body post run. That was like chocolate milk cuz this class hit every craving of a needed stretch from head to toe. I am gonna use this for off days as well. Great series, rare find. thanks.

Meaghan Q.


Sun Salutations with emphasis on hip openers, then stretching poses like half-pigeon. Will definitely do again after my runs!


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