Level 2

Runner's Medicine

Malachi Grieves
22 min
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A great practice for runners either before or after their run that will leave you feeling open. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Ko T.


I really appreciate her guidance and her letting us know of which muscle/part of the body we should be feeling the stretch. The pace is perfect for me for post-run. Thank you!

Amy E.


Very static, so it only works for post-workout... but it's a nice stretch for the hamstrings.



Wish I had discovered this class sooner for pre or post runs! I can definitely incorporate this sequence given the length of time.

Amy N.


I love this class. I cycle and this is the perfect post-workout stretch

Suzanne S.


Felt great, and perfect when you don't have much time.

Trinette F.


Perfect for anyone, not just runners.

Carey M.


Great for runners with tight hamstrings like me!

Gailanne G.


calm, smart instruction resulting in the sorts of movement we often rush through to get to the "other stuff". thank you...

Victoria V.


Perfect for new runners!

Judy R.


needed that I'm a cycling instructor on lock down for COVID-19. This is an awesome online program. thanks

Helen G.


Thank you for a lovely class feeling more spacious
LOVE the calf stretch with the block

Jennifer H.


This is your standard hip stretch routine, nothing out of the ordinary. If you don’t want to think through hip flexor and hamstring stretches, this is it.


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