Stretch out in work toward the splits in this class aimed at safely integrating theses poses into your practice. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 strap


Amy T.


I really appreciated the detailed guidance. I have really tight hip flexors and psoas and there are few classes that provide the instruction necessary to work through this part of the body. I could have used a bit more warm up as I'm not that flexible in my back. I will do this class again.

Fernanda D.


Alexandria Crow style is not my favorite but her vinyasa classes are good...this one I did not like much...too slow, too many instructions, repetitive exercises and just one attempt to do the could have at least one more rep of splits. Anyways, thanks Alexandria.

Laura S.


I really enjoyed this different approach (from what I'm used to) to get into splits. Love the instruction as well. I appreciate that there aren't so many vinyasas, like some of the other level 2 classes. The pace was perfect. I left this class feeling stretched out, stronger, lighter and well balanced. Thank you Alex!

Sherri W.


I loved this class. I learned so much about how to do splits without injuring myself; Felt wonderful! Thank-you.

Gina R.


Loved this body felt amazing after......the detailed instruction was extremely helpful.....amazing how hard you can work being still in a pose with the correct alignment and muscular actions.......thank you!

Patrizia M.


The practice itself was not bad but there is way too much talking! I couldn't even proocess all the instructions, let alone find space to breathe.

Laura O.


This video was VERY helpful to me. Lots of technical instruction. I've been doing yoga about 7 months and am still a few inches from forward splits. I got a bit closer this time and felt the benefits of the practice leading up to splits. Thanks!

Patricia G.


Ha, the splits will always be beyond me. I can barely touch my toes, but it feels good to try

Maja L.


I did not like this practise at all it was not god preparation for me at all, I could not make ni little more mlike normaly I do , I love M. Amexandria Crow but this si not too right preparation enought for the splits .


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