Alexandria Crow
30 min
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Approach the scary splits with no fear and acceptance so you can feel the benefits of this great pose. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket


Lise S.


Great mini workshop/full practice combo.

Christina J.


i found this video to be extremely helpful...in many magazines I've seen what poses they tell you to put yourself in to become able to do the splits...like "just do this for 3 weeks and you too can do the splits"...I never seemed to get any more flexible...with the instruction , sequence of events, and breakdown of what my muscles need to be doing and why, I felt so much more confident about my progress, becoming able to do the splits doesn't seem impossible after all...It felt amazing to work my muscles up to the split attempt, with conditioning and thoughtful stretching, all the while getting educated as to what my body actually needs in order to push it to its limits and beyond!....I may not be there yet, but i absolutely loved this walk thru, cant wait to see it work wonders for me! Practice, practice, practice ('

Dina F.


I have never practiced splits and this class guided me in a way that really helped me feel the benefits of the pose. Love the props and great instruction!

Kate T.


This is a nice short prep class for moving into splits. Gets the hamstring, hip and spine ready. Nice. Thank you.


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