Stretch and strengthen your entire body so you can feel energized and balanced. Recommended props: 1 strap, 1 blanket


Jhana S.


Good prep for pincha. Slow, level one instruction.

Amie M.


I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was a great combination of strength, balance and stretch. I agree that it was more level 1 except for the inversions. However, I do believe that a fit beginner may have some luck with the inversions here as the setup and explanation is excellent. Don't let the Level 2 label put you off. Also, she used a block and you will probably want one as well as the strap and blanket. Thank you!

Farlene M.


I've been following Lesley on Youtube and I'm so happy that she's on here too. I have more reasons to stick with the subscription. I look forward to following more of her videos here.

Prativa K.


Thank you so much for the excellent class.

Laura O.


Great practice for yogis who are working on learning pinch mayurasana, like me. First time I've been able to get myself up on the wall in a forearm balance! I'll definitely be practicing along with this video again! Thanks Leslie!

Laurene A.


A very calm and nice practice to start the day. Really felt the stretches and enjoyed the alignment tips. I felt awake and clear after practice. Thanks!

Cheryl F.


I appreciated the foundation work for shoulder stand. Using the strap is a helpful tip.

Wendy H.


I see a couple comments saying that this is a level 1 class. It may be a slower, lower level 2 class, but dolphin and inversions are not level 1! I am new to level 2 but I found this class challenging (in a good way!). Lesley is a great instructor - I hadn't done any of her classes before but I really enjoyed this and would definitely look for more classes by her in the future. Thanks!

Linda K.


very slow pace. Feels more like level 1 to me.



definitely a level 1 and very slow

Patrizia M.


Very very nice practice. It really works the entire body. I also very much enjoyed the surprise of the inversion at the wall. Just the right length for a quick one. Thanks!


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