Brandon Anthony
Level 2

Total Fitness Workout

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Strengthen and tone all parts of your body in this fun and spirited fitness class.



I really liked this fitness flow and I liked the teachers energy!

Adam M.


I just switched from beginner to intermediate yesterday and would have liked to have known this wouldn't be a yoga workout. I'm not totally sure why this is here? there wasn't one yoga pose. there were long periods of time where we were just watching the instructor do the exercises instead of walking us through in real-time. I didn't like this exercise.. I stopped doing crossfit for a reason.

Diamond D.


Just 20 minutes, and seemingly simple, but gets the heart pumping. Brandon Anthony’s energy is so genuine and positive that I feel inspired to complete every piece, never skip or cut it short.

Erica M.


Wow, what a workout! It's not traditional yoga, but it is an awesome cardio workout based on yoga poses. I didn't realize how little cardio work I was doing until I did this class. Definitely going into my regular rotation!

Mindy G.


Awesome 20 min workout! Heart is pumping and sweat is dripping. Great energy from Brandon!

Susie B.


Really is a full body workout. Only a little bit yoga-esque but really invigorating.

andrea w.


Brandon has an amazing, contagious and fun energy! 20 minutes of packed goodness that will leave you sore. We need more classes from Brandon!

Ken M.


Wow that was so much fun and went by so fast! This was my first time with Brandon I’ll be taking more so hoping for more and more by him he rocks!!!!

Alexandria G.


Great cardio flow class! Love this teacher!

Charmaine W.


Not exactly yoga but then, that is why I sort my classes by 15-20 minutes for the morning: so I can move, wake up, and start the day with a good sweat and not have to rush around to try and get it all done before work! This was brilliant. 20 minutes we’ll spent and I’ll be adding this to my regular playlist. Thanks Brandon!

John C.


This isn't yoga.

Sherie K.


Yes Totally out of breath! Good class.

Julie C.


Nice Wakeup call for a Monday morning! Quick, but challenging and fun!

Jenda S.


Pretty short workout but got me sweating and my heart pumping. Nothing crazy, just fun and energizing! Would recommend.

Stacey C.


I love taking Brandon's classes at YogaWorks and I'm thrilled that I can now do them when I can't get to the studio!

miranda s.


This is just what I needed today. Sweaty and uplifting. Thank you!

Diana A.


So happy to see Brandon on! I know all of his workouts will be fun and challenging. Hope to see some Danceworks soon!

Jen M.


Not exactly yoga, but a lot fun!


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