Level 2

Twist and Fly

Ashley Rideaux
71 min
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Have some fun and work hard in this playful flow. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Ana C.


Thank you Ashley, great flow🙏🏻

Katie R.


Loved the twists and loved the pace. The arm balances are very challenging for me.

Tracy W.


Thank you so much, this flow reminds me why I love yoga. Your voice is so calming and the timing of when you call poses works out perfectly for me. I especially love the inversions worked into the flow, how nifty.

Brian C.


Thank you Ashley!

Corrina S.


Thank you Ashley. So great to practice with you again. Very challenging but I got into and stayed in a headstand quite easily this time, I'm pleased to say. All that practice is paying off. Namaste xx

Samantha B.


One of my favorites!!

Chris K.


Great class with some excellent new transitions and challenges!

Nok T.


The transition in difference aspect does make challenging, love the way she conduct the class, personally I am more into listen than seeing and it was perfect. And Chanting at the end remind me back through the really beginning of my yoga path. "Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu "

Jane H.


I appreciated how this flow included some very challenging and unusual poses and transitions. It's good to be exposed to new things to attempt


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