Warm up the spine with plenty of twists so you can get into dhanurasana, or bow pose, in this advanced beginners class. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap


Dina F.


Love Melanies classes! This one felt great as a midday break stretching all the right places. Love the gentle but effective twist.

Laura J.


Melanie's instruction and cuing is always top notch. I enjoyed the way this class was programmed and found the bow/locust work really just snuck up on me. To me, that's an indication of smooth transitions and well selected "warm up" poses.

Be aware there is a lot of down dog so if you have unhappy wrists I would do a nice wrist warm up first. I might also do a little warm up before starting if you generally find that helpful. I warmed up pretty quickly here, but there's no specific warm up.
There IS a savasana at the end.

Samantha H.


Very much needed today. Thank you

Stacey H.


Nice class--went faster than I thought. I am motivated to do another 30 minutes now.

Mi M.


Thank you. I enjoyed it .

Helen G.


Melanie is a favourite teacher I
, love the clarity.

Christina F.


Awesome practice. Melanie is my favorite YW teacher! Her instructions are clear and she always creates a great flow.

elizabeth G.


was difficult for me but paid off in the end

patricia b.


I really enjoyed this class. I am refinding my practice after starting a new job (with longer hours and less time for yoga). There is just something wonderful about twisting and backbends for relieving stress and finding peace.

Scion R.


Soothing voice & easy to follow. Thank you for this beautiful class. Namaste!


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