Use the wall as a prop to provide feedback about where your body needs space and opening. Recommended props: wall, 1 block


Sue W.


Really enjoyed your class. Thank you. Your sequence is a complete practice that prepares and supports the body really well and I enjoyed the whole practice. Namaste! (yoga teacher from the U.K.)

Lise S.


Great practice for alignment. Quick and well-rounded. Appreciate the sivasana close.

Darya M.


I love this class--sometimes I add a headstand and shoulderstand and it feels very complete--Katerina is lovely too!

Dianna H.



Edward C.


Thank you so much for helping me continue my daily practice of yoga. I’m very grateful for you and Yogaworks. Namaste 🙏🏼


Great Practice. Good for people with balance issues. Will suggest to my husband next time he and I practice together.

Eleanor M.


I loved this class and will be doing it again. I would love to see more classes at the wall and more by this teacher.

Sarah D.


Couldn’t really understand the instructor.

Carolyn G.


Using the wall helped further experience the poses. It felt great. Just the right amount of time. Thank you!

M M.


Agreed! :)

Julia M.


Thank you for this class Katerina. A balanced sequence with informative cues, and, the use of the wall meant that I had some feedback about my posture throughout the class. Will be doing this class again!

Sofia T.


Katerina is an amazing teacher and each of her classes is unique!! I loved the sequence the instructions and the way the wall changed my overall experience as a practisioner.Looking forward to more videos to come!!

Skevi T.


This was a unique class Katerina, i have just taught it in my class by adding some more standing poses and people loved it! Finding opening of your body and space as much as it needs, with the support of the wall feels great!


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