This practice plays with the shape of a figure four in myriad ways. But the poses also offer you a chance to dive a little deeper and to ask what for. As the practice unfolds and changes shapes there are moments for you to view challenges as opportunities-- to see that possibility is where we find hope amidst uncertainty... whether that's in an arm balance or in life. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Leny B.


Love, love, love this practice. Thank you.

Elena L.


Such a lovely teacher! One of the best to come back to always!

Hollye H.


This was a wonderful class! The best I've taken for some time now. Thank you Andrea!

Natalia S.


Wow! An amazing class and a great experience. Thank you so much Andrea!

Meriem K.


Amazing class



Great flow class! Loved the figure 4 shapes and challenges!

Lisa D.


Nice paced flow.

Varsha S.


Deep, meditative, and dynamic practice. I loved the long holds with quiet pauses and your gentle direction, Andrea. So focused yet not imposing. Thank you!!!

Judi S.


The time flew by. Definitely one of my go to class on myyogaworks!

Tatiana S.


This is the best class to take after the whole day of walking or standing on your job. It's also simply one of the best classes on this website.

Jaime T.


Loved the long holds and the slower movements allowed for maximum connection to the lengthening process. Thank you!

Theresa M.


I agree. It's relatively slow-moving but still hard, allowing for thoughtfulness while strengthening. I like to hold the forward folds a little longer than she does, but then, I think that about most instructors. I appreciate the periods of silence in the practice, and the guided sabasana.

Maggie C.


Since we're all on lockdown, I've been trying to make the same space for my practice each day, so I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite LA teachers is also on here. So grateful!

Merrie K.


The smart and creative way Andrea speaks and designs a yoga class made it easy to sink into a deep yoga experience. There was tapas in a slow meditative build. Rated level 2 but could be level three if you want it to be.

Jana B.


A little flow, a lot of slow, that's "What Four!" You are new to me Andrea, but after this introduction I will definitely be checking out more of your classes. Thank you for a lovely class!

Eva G.


Fantastic class! The combination of flow and holding poses was something that is hard to find in a single practice. Loved Andrea's style of teaching. Look forward to more of her classes!

Susana D.


Deeply moving teacher; her voice and wisdom truly resonated with me. I really appreciated this unique flow, that leaves my torso feeling so open. Honestly adaptable to any level.

Sandy S.


Wonderful class for the hips, love to hold poses. Hope to see more classes by andrea

Patrizia M.


Thoroughly enjoyable class. I particularly liked the challenging aspect of the practice coupled with the ease and peacefulness of Andrea's presence and tone. Plenty of time to breathe and go deeply into the poses. It made its way into my playlist :)

Ikonia u.


Thank you, Andrea, this was fun. Challenging with long holds and a layout of a sequence that I'm not normally used to. It made me realize I was analyzing instead of interiorizing and actually practicing. There's a lot of option to prop or not and to arm balances. Will definitely revisit.


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