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Will My Hamstrings Ever Open?

Jesse Schein
14 min
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Open your hamstrings with this quick daily routine that will help get you to hanumanasana, or splits. Did you know we have an entire Journey to Hanumanasana? Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Dubai T.


If this session is done daily, that might tire the muscles, so the whole party will become counterproductive. To my mind every other day is the way forward.

Katie D.


If this session is about opening hamstrings it would be better to use people who don't already have open Hamstrings. This way the teacher has to give corrections to help students that might actually be using a video like this

Katie M.


A very effective, short hamstring opener. Great to add to you daily routine if you really do want to go for the splits.

Androulla H.


I have always wanted to be able to do splits! but my hamstrings are always too tight! I realized I can go lower than I expected! I will try to work on this every day! thanks!!

Ismar Z.


finally I have found this, I was needing it so much... now I can work on it... thank you

Jennifer K.


Really enjoyed this! Especially since its nice and short!


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