Focus on building upper body and core strength, both of which you need to paddle out on your surfboard. Explore our Yoga For Surfers Video Journey Series.


Helen G.


great clearly explained sequence,

Toni D.


I see that the segments are short. Are they to be repeated in sets? Or do you recommend that they be in addition to a normal workout routine? Thank you!

Moshe L.


Did you ever get a response for that?

Toni D.


Nope! Still waiting :)

Janet L.


Hi Toni!

It's completely up to you, but yes we would likely recommend pairing a 3 min video with the video before or after depending on which week you're on.
For any future support inquiries, please visit!

Alana S.


This is really cool and very helpful. Thank you Alexandria for your specific routines!


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