Strengthen your core in just 10 minutes with this short and challenging practice.


Jennifer C.


Some interesting combinations for abs. Great.

Ann M.


Good quick core class with a variety of exercises. I like it as a 10 minute add-on to a longer vinyasa (or other) class that doesn't have core work.

Tara O.


So I've listened to the advice she gives in the video where she tells you to do this one a few times a week....I've been doing this grueling core sequence 2-3 times per week for the past month and it has definitely made a difference. My VERY weak core is stronger :)

Sarah M.


My favorite core class ever! I make all my friends try it and I get to sit there and watch them almost die, it's fabulous! Thanks Jesse for the killer abs!

Sharon S.


Jesse is definitely one of my favorite teachers and this video didn't disappoint! 10 min means literally no excuses to not do it lol but it packs a punch - will definitely be doing this one regularly. I only wish Jesse had more videos I love them all!

Anne-Marie E.


Jesse, I love your routines. They are staples for my practice. Grateful.

Karolina J.


quick but definitely not easy

Laurene A.


This is intense and quick, but you can feel the burn even after you finish. Thank you!

Jena B.


This one never gets easy. Love it.

Victoria G.


I love this workout. I do it a few times a week like Jessie suggests and I'm starting to see results! It will never get old or too easy; there is so much to work on in all these exercises. Thank you, Jessie!

Karen Z.


This is a great core workout, especially when your arms are tired. Just know that the count is off on the first exercise. I just do five on the right before moving on with Jesse to the left leg.

Jernine K.


Noticed that too! Thanks for pointing it out

Amy j.


I am 4 months post baby & this is exactly what I needed. Not a lot time but serious results (I'm holding you to that Jesse). I am committing to this 3x per week. This 10 mins makes me feel like a hit the lotto ...a true hidden gem. Thank you!

Nancy L.


Great core work!

Sara C.


Excellent little burner! My oh my. If you dont yet have a strong core, stick with Jesse. She will transform you. Its amazing. Namaste!

Emily K.


I have a strong core, but this BURNED so good!!! :) Great little class!!!

Linda C.


Love it!



Good for a quick core practice

Jaime-Christie G.


Great core workout!!


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