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Gift a Subscription

A YogaWorks subscription is the gift that makes everyone feel better. Let them choose between high-energy yoga and fitness classes, relaxing mindful meditation, our signature YogaWorks yoga classes, and more!

Trinette F.
“I needed this today. It helped me through a rough week.”
~ Trinette F.
Ashley B.
“I love the teachers and different styles that YogaWorks offers. Whether you are very experienced, a beginner, or have an injury, there is a class to suit your needs.”
~ Ashley B.
Susan K.
“Great selection of classes, incredible teachers, a fantastic experience.”
~ Susan K.
Michael G.
“Thank you again for helping provide me some outlets to maintain my own well-being.”
~ Michael G.
Alexandra F.
“YogaWorks is a dream! I am so happy that I decided to give them a try! It’s full of love and light, and feel-good vibes! I am looking forward to many more classes with YogaWorks.”
~ Alexandra F.