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Understanding Advanced Yoga: Exploring Inner Awareness and Physical Abilities

What does it mean to be advanced in a yoga practice? Is it the ability to perform each asana illustrated in Iyengar’s Light on Yoga? Is it the number of years of practice? Is it a deep inner awareness that has been cultivated over time? Or is it even the significant and uplifting changes it […]

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How Yoga Can Help You Have Better Sleep

Have you ever considered the profound impact your morning routine can have on your energy levels, circadian rhythm, and the overall quality of your sleep each night? I’d like to shed some light on the dos and don’ts of your morning routine. Here are five simple steps that can help you develop effective morning habits. […]

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Active to Calm: Why Asana and Pranayama are Important Steps to Cultivating a Meditation Practice

Meditation helps us enter a more open space in our minds and bodies, allowing us to become more present in our day and less affected by dominating thought patterns and untrue storylines that try to disrupt us. However, letting go of continuous thoughts can be challenging. One way to help with this is to start […]

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The Importance of the Beginner’s Mind in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga goes far beyond the physical shapes; it is a mindful, intentional journey encompassing body, mind, and spirit. For those of us who have been practicing for a long time, it’s easy to forget what it means to be new… And forget the benefits of engaging with the practice with a beginner’s mind. We think […]

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Listen to Your Body: How to Find Healthy Challenge in Your Yoga Practice

You’ve heard it before in class. “Listen to your body!” Everyone around you is doing sixteen variations of Crow pose and the world is upside down. This casually thrown-out phrase is the one reminder that your yoga practice, ultimately, is about you and your body.  “Okay, yeah, totally,” you think to yourself, drenched with what […]

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How to Start a New Yoga Practice and Actually Stick with It

Starting a new yoga practice can be a transformative journey with numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, increased flexibility, or a stronger mind-body connection, yoga has something to offer everyone. However, beginning a new practice can also be overwhelming, and many find it challenging to maintain consistency. Today, we’ll explore […]

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