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Eight Limbs of Yoga

In the eight limbs of yoga, our physical asana practice is but one component. Getting our bodies healthy, mobile and strong is an admirable pursuit, but alone it won’t lead us far on our path. There is more work to be done. The steps that the ancient yogis mapped out for one to attain full […]

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Mobility Training With a Mindful Fitness or Yoga Coach

Your body is the best instrument you’ll ever have. To enjoy it to the fullest, you’ll need good mobility, the foundation on which every other physical thing you do is built.  Mobility helps you move around effortlessly, with a sense of stability and control, so you can feel free and empowered in everything you do. […]

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Integrating Yoga Principles Beyond the Mat

The practices of yoga have never ever been about a mat. Ever. If anything, it was a rug. I should warn you now: I’m a historian. So we’re going to take just a second to go down a rabbit hole. As you probably know, yoga has been around for at least 3000 years, and more […]

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Maty was 4’11 and wore long braids. Her eyes were Caribbean blue. Her smile was generous and often like the Cheshire cat full of mischievousness that she was perhaps unaware of. She was tiny but oh so mighty. Maty walked into a room and you felt her huge presence. When she taught yoga she commanded […]

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Yoga & Cross-Training: A Holistic Approach for Enhancing Vitality, Longevity and Overall Well-Being

While yoga alone offers a plethora of benefits, supplementing it with cross-training can take your practice to new heights. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of cross-training (a term used to describe how incorporating different forms of exercises can help improve your overall well-being) and how it can help you build more strength, […]

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Understanding Advanced Yoga: Exploring Inner Awareness and Physical Abilities

What does it mean to be advanced in a yoga practice? Is it the ability to perform each asana illustrated in Iyengar’s Light on Yoga? Is it the number of years of practice? Is it a deep inner awareness that has been cultivated over time? Or is it even the significant and uplifting changes it […]

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