Melanie Lora Meltzer
Level 1

30 Min Fit Beginners

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This is a great practice for when you don't have a lot of time, but you still want a well rounded work out. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket


Prativa K.


Love your voice. Thank you!

Janet R.


I’m coming back into yoga after a challenging 9months of illness, surgery, hip pain, and way too much bed rest. I’m stiff and weakened and feel like I’m a prebeginner! After doing some weeks of just morning stretches, I’m finally able to do this class and wow, are my mind and body grateful. I can feel the cells singing. Thanks so much

Callie E.


I really like this class. I am a definite beginner with limited experience and a recent (1yr) knee injury and this class felt challenging but not overwhelming. A great start for me as I get back to activity after such a long time with limited mobility.

Marjorie W.


Perfect class for a quick heart warming workout. I'm a strong beginner and I love it.

Rainy H.


Thank you, Melanie, for a wonderful first class! Excellent, encouraging instruction and just the right amount of everything. I used to think "online is less..." but I was wrong. I'm HOOKED and happy!

Ian J.


I appreciated Melanie's tone, sense of humor and repeated instructions to honor your own body and where you are today. And not only reminding us of that but including ways to actually do it. I'll definitely check out her other videos. She seemed in the moment and connected to what she was asking us (and her students with her) to be doing.

Lynn L.


My first time ever doing yoga and I really enjoyed it!!

Arianna I.


Really gentle slow class for folks brand new to yoga. Nice hip openers!

Rajeshwari K.


start with this


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