Open your psoas, hips and upper back with a series of neutrally rotated poses such as crescent, warrior 1, and twisting triangle. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Cailin M.


This is such a well-rounded class, I’m glad I didn’t read too much into the title. A complete, full-body workout and because it’s Calvin, it’s challenging AF but never impossible. Strong, long holds without any of that aerobic bouncing nonsense. Perfect.

Nanette W.


Love this guy! Great functional stretch without all the pseudo spiritual rhetoric - thank you.

Maureen D.



Brian S.


Loved this class - really helped open up my hamstrings, back, and lower hips. The pacing is just right - I find some of the static hold lengths to be quite challenging where I may have to call it just a few seconds before Calvin does.
I'd definitely do this again!

Javier O.


Made a special playlist of Calvin only videos because I enjoy his teaching style, his calm demeanor, and because he is clearly knowledgeable. He also makes his students feel good about whatever "body type" they might be in (flexible, loose...) , on that particular day. Since it might be a long time until I see the inside of another yoga studio because of the "Great Lockdown" then this is definitely the next best thing

Steve B.


Is there a less demanding program for learners

M. W.


Thanks Calvin for another terrific and challenging class. This class is an excellent complement to some of the flow classes out there - equally as challenging but the focus is different. Thank you!!

Rachael M.


I literally love Calvin's classes and sequencing. He is so creative and I know I can count on his classes whether I'm in the mood for a stronger, more powerful flow, or something that's more gentle. His instruction is amazing and he's clearly very knowledgeable about alignment. I also love the pacing of his classes -- I'm never worried about the aches, pains and injuries that frequently come with a faster flow vinyasa class. He's always the first teacher I search when I sign on and I'm constantly looking for more classes from him!

Karla Y.


Hello, just curious, are there benefits if we use blocks in doing poses like ado mukha, urdhva mukha, ardhamatsyendrasana, etc? Or we just put them in simply as a variation?

Thank you.

Michelle R.


Loved the creative use of blocks - especially with upward facing dog. I am always excited to see a new class posted by Calvin.


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