In this yoga sequence you will build heat quickly and dive right into backbends. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 strap


Daniela F.


First time taking this class and first time been able to do urdha danhurasana beyond staying in my crown! I still need the strap but never though that would give me the little kick of confidence to enter in the whole pose. Great class!

Sara S.


Classic Jesse. I've been taking Jesse's level 3 classes for a decade and this was my first time practicing this sequence; highly recommend! Accessible and deeply satisfying for levels 2 and 3. Nobody can construct a well-rounded sequence in 30 minutes like Jesse.

Tiphaine B.


Great quick and effective class.

Meaghan Q.


Moved quickly to warm up the body - nice short class leading into backbends.

Ursula K.


Started right out with Sun Salute As then with Sun Salute Bs. Followed by Dolphin, Dolphin plank, Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch pose), Twisting Triangle, Salabhasana, Bow, and finally, Updward Bow. She moves fast so be ready! Felt great. Very energizing sequence!


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