David Kim
Level 2

Bakasana 2

David Kim
David Kim
55 min
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This intermediate yoga sequence will warm you up for the fun and challenging arm balance bakasana 2. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket


Lahib H.


Every time I use Apple TV to see the class on TV the class gets interrupted by very 2 minutes. Very annoying.

Michelle R.


I loved this class and I'm very surprised there hasn't been more interest in it. It includes all my favorite postures...eagle, half splits, goddess, lizard as well as standing poses, sun salutes and some twists. I really enjoyed practicing this variation of bakasana......I'm still not there yet - but have no doubt it will be accessible one day. One of your best on this site David

Marjorie R.


Two months out from a torn mcl, but due to the meticulous sequencing of this class, I was able to do all of it (to a certain degree)! And after, the tightness in the knee is lessened, with a much greater and easier amount of flexion. I am ecstatic and grateful--thank you so much!!


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