This well rounded flow will leave you with a sense of steadiness and balance. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket


Jo A.


I’ve been practicing for 16 years and just finished my first class with David. Love his pace and the time he takes to focus on alignment. With his articulate instruction and reminders to honor the breath, I felt total mind-body integration. Look forward to taking more of David’s classes.

Bangone B.


I love these slow paces session. David help reinforces the form of the poses. And, I love the long challenges my physical and mental strength.

Lullaby Y.


I have to say this class is not suitable for level 2. I used to like David's class and enjoy, always enjoy the slow pace. This one is extremely boring from the beginning to the end. Too much talking distracted us from our practice. Holding the pose for telling an alignment is great but holding it for too long and show another option is not a good idea

jessi S.


Surya A,B,C lots of movement with precision alignment. My first class with David. Namaste

Patrizia M.


I have to say I am a fan of Davids teaching style. I love his natural flow and his intelligent guidance with the attention to alignment, however this class moves too slow for me. I found myself coming out of it with a sense of frustration rather than balance. I followed it to the end to see how it would make me feel and thats what happened.I am not opposed to lower level classes, or Iyengar classes which are very detailed and can move slowly at times but in this case, just felt too controlled and held in place for too long.

Minta A.


Very well-rounded. I love that it is 75 minutes too!

Nancy G.


I love the slow attention to alignment principles in this video. Great reminders!


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