In this chataranga tutorial, Jesse looks at some of the most common misalignments and how to correct them.


Lucas V.


I appreciate the instructions on this pose in order to help foster a clean movement and minimizing potential overuse injuries

Merlot P.


Thank you so much!! I literally screamed "THAT'S ME!" This is extremely helpful for anyone with weaker arm muscles.

Pasadena T.


This video is helpful except the aerial view is missing. How close should the elbow be to the rib cage? A aerial view from the top down would show that.

Erika S.


This is very helpful. I am the person that needs to put knees down to protect the lower back (and also needs to building upper body strength). Because of the lower back issues, I would like to see this include Urdha Mukha Svanasana or low cobra. The transition into the variations from Chaturanga could be clearer in this format. This video was very helpful!

Carol S.


"That's me" was my thought in looking at some of the incorrect ways that people do the pose. This was the most helpful explanation of Chaturanga that I've seen.

Cheryl L.


Thanks, Jesse! I needed this refresher since our fabulous Tulum retreat in July! We get sloppy out here in San Fran without your guidance. So glad you can crack the whip in my living room now without others seeing my embarrassing form. MyYogaWorks ROCKS.


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