Find new ways to discover and strengthen your core without crunches. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Mary C.


Good core exercises that I'll have to practice more

T A.



Jennifer T.


Great class sample instruction and plan to expand it with more repetitions regularly.

Sofya P.


If its level three, why is she explaining how to curl your pubic bone toward your belly button? Too much talking making it way too short of a class.

Queenly L.


This sequence and Chelsey are great!

Pamela T.


It was so wordy that I lost momentum between each exercises.

amy s.


I thought Chelsey did a great job creating a creative class that would work every aspect of the abdominal muscles while avoiding the risks associated with crunches. Unlike some other reviewers, I thought the explanations were very helpful to ensure that I was in proper alignment and therefore working the abdominal muscles as intended. I would only ask that in future videos she talk more slowly. I think it would be worth it to have the video slightly longer in order to be able to absorb her helpful explanations. Thank you, Chelsey!

Alexa O.


I agree with the other commenters here at there was definitely a lot of talking. For a level 3 class there doesn't need to be this much explanation. It just ends up taking time away from doing the exercises.

Monika K.


way too much talking.....

Janine G.


this was good workout but too many breaks with too much talking to be considered level 3 i think

Penny G.


Love this Core Without Crunches. Chelsey's style of teaching (explaining the pose before you do it) in this video is so helpful. Really helps me focus before I do the pose on what I'll be doing in it so I don't have that mental struggle getting into a pose. I do have low back issues so this was perfect for me. I'll be coming back to this one frequently.


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