Work towards compass pose, which is a big IT band, hip and hamstring opener. Recommended props: 1 strap


Julie T.


This is the most advanced Level 2 class I've taken so far and boy, am I not as advanced as my ego told me I was 😂 I couldn't even get my shoulder under my knee so I wish there were some more modifications so I could work on building up to this pose! 🙈

Samantha B.


My new favorite--All my favorite hamstring/hip opening poses rolled into one mindful, creative sequence. I'm not yet able to do the full compass pose, but will definitely be back to this one over and over. I love that Alexandria's classes that teach these more interesting and challenging poses--please keep them coming!

Francisca R.


Fun stretchy class.

Ingrid C.


I didn't realize how tight I was & this class helped me stretch out. I also worked up a sweat. I focused on breathing into the stretch, building heat and letting go.

Heather W.


This class was so skillfully scaffolded that I don't mind not being able to do compass. The journey to get there had lots of great opening in the legs, side body, and even the upper back. Will be a great counterpoint to jogging.

pamela s.


I love this pose, still hard to straight the knee but I loved the secuence

Jessica R.


I was able to get my left leg over my shoulder, but couldn't get my right leg. I will be back to try this. It was a nice challenge and a great stretching practice

Mark L.


5 star......great sequence! thorough warm up and logically designed

Vince A.


This is a challenging (for me) but great sequence to address all side body tightening and shortening. Likely very useful for runners/cyclists/triathletes.


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