Gradually approach the arm balance flying pigeon by opening and strengthening the areas of the body you need to get into the pose. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 bolster


Dena K.


This SLOW hypnotic practice is powerful. With calming voice, Birgitte masterfully draws you into a different space. Routine poses are slowed to their essence. Don't be intimidated by the peak pose. I skipped it. The hour flew. Highly recommend this much needed calming journey.

birgitte k.


Hi Dena, Thank you so much for leaving this feedback. I so agree with you.....peak pose is not important....rather the journey is the goal. Namaste, B

veronika b.


never thought I could get even close to poses like that with my extremely not-open hips, but I almost managed to do it. and all the pace of the class is very smooth and pleasant. Love Birgitte's teaching!

Lien I.


Brigitte teaches thoroughly. It always helps me to feel something new in poses that I've done so many times before, while also opening the mind (and body) for unfamiliar poses. After this class, my hips have never been more open, and my upper body has been strengthened by the many slooow chatturangas. I just might be able to do Eka Pada Galavasana one day :-). Thank you Brigitte, it's always such a pleasure to learn from you.

Cristina L.


Yoga Bliss... we would love to have more videos from Birgitte ( wish I could come to the studio... From London!).

Ghislaine F.


Thank you Brigitte for tous wonderful practice!!

Bethanie P.


I really enjoy Birgitte's style and slower pace. This is a great class to really dig into the prep work of Eka Pada Galavansana.

Trudi C.


More videos please Birgitte!!

stephanie r.


clear, concise instruction and clearly showed the stretch and position it takes to get into the pose, which I have worked really hard stretching hips just to get to that. continuing to build the arm strength the post requires. and this is a great practice to get to that goal :)


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