Energize your body, encourage vitality and feel strong and ready to conquer your day. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Vanessa L.


Great class! Ty

Maikon S.


Thank you Patti. You're one of my faves now.

Mary C.


the opening flows were so fast I couldn't take a full inhale or exhale per posture, and no chavasana.

Gailanne G.


great pacing, direction and tone of voice---we worked hard but did not feel frenzied --I agree with another comment here that it was more like a level two class--however, if we are looking to take the practice further, we should know how to do that! thank you...

Dena K.


Excellent pacing and instruction. The hour flew. Thank you, Patti!

Casey S.


Really special class, great energy, teacher, sequence. Felt more like a level 2, which I don't mind at all. Finish the class revitalized!

Nicole S.


Really liked this. Great instructions. Lots of variety which kept me from getting bored. Some good challenges. This will be a go to.

Sydni A.


A lot like Exhilirating Backbends. Both energizing and calming. Thank you!

Bethany N.


A wonderful, strengthening, and grounding practice. Perfect way to start a Saturday. Thank you Patti, this was energizing indeed!

Patrizia M.


Very nice practice. True to its title. I feel energized yet calm and present both in my mind and body.

Minta A.


Patti you are fantastic. Loved this class. thank you! Challenging, relieving, yet steady and calm pacing. Just awesome :)

Joanna B.


Soothing, steady and clear instruction for an all-over, challenging strengthener.


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