This strong advanced yoga class will leave you stretched out and energized. Recommended props: 2 blocks


Lisa F.


I really enjoyed this and it did feel like a Level 3 yoga class to me. While we were not moving quickly through poses, we held them for longer periods of time which meant building a lot of strength within the body. I could feel my body getting stronger. Additionally, Alex provided advanced techniques for entering and refining the poses. By the time we got to the peak pose of hanumanasana/splits, my body felt well prepared to get into the pose. Thanks for this class!

Tina M.


Stopped after 30 minutes because this didn't even feel like yoga and especially not a level 3 Vinyasa class. There was so little attention from the instructor given towards pranayama that this truly felt like a glorified calisthenics class.

Carla I.


Really miss these older classes of Alex and love revisiting them! Namaste.

Chase M.


Energizing and challenging. Thank you and namaste!

Cindy C.


I’m grateful for this practice. Skillful teaching.

Ginger D.


I did not sweat. It was too long in one pose and though I appreciate the cues it was not level 3

Sheila S.


I enjoyed this class. But I agree this is not a level 3. The instructor was too lengthy in instruction.

Does anyone ever check these comments? Back in 2019 there were comments about this being the wrong level.

I would appreciate if the levels were more consistent.

This does not take away from this teacher. She is very good!!

Taz B.


This is a good class but definitely a level 2 not a 3. Lots of cues, that arehelpful but too much and too slow for level 3

Kristi C.


Way too much explaining of each move. This is level 3 not level 1. Had to stop 8 minutes in.

Meghan B.


I find all the classes to have way too much instruction for level 3 and not nearly enough flow. I never even get close to breaking a sweat and would love some classes that truly speak to the advanced Yogi looking to flow and sweat and get out of the head.

sherry t.



Diana H.


I've done this class a couple of times now and I really enjoy it. It's a good length, good pace, lots of vinyasas and Alexandria's direction is really easy to follow. It helps deepen and improve asanas even if you've done them a million times. I'll definitely keep coming back to this one.

Tina R.


Good flow, lot of focus on lower body, I was sweaty at the end.

Jennifer H.


Would love a level 3 that doesn't spend so much time cuing and taking time to find a position. This class has LOTS of cues and repetitive cues that begins to get distracting. Not really a flow..

ronny k.


good flow, great instructor, but this was not a level 3 class. didnt even break a sweat :\

Michelle R.


This is another one for my favorites!

Sandra S.


This sequence does exactly what is will be stretched out and energized. I felt great starting my day with it!

Meaghan Q.


Definitely worked hard in this one - some good balancing poses, twists, core work, and ended with Urdhva Dhanurasana. Will definitely do again!

Lily K.


I definitely felt it the next day!


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