Rough weekend? Get a clean slate with this detoxifying twisting sequence. Recommended props: 1 block


Lacey V.


Really enjoyed this class after a holiday weekend. Best shivasana I've had in awhile but beware: video cuts off before you come out of it! I think I just laid on the floor listening to the breeze outside for twenty minutes.

Molly B.


Loves this practice!

Dominique R.


After a busy holiday weekend, this is just what I needed. Thanks!

Alissa G.


I agree with Andrew Van Kampen that it would have been nice to see one of the girls doing the modified version throughout the class. Aside from that, this was a challenging, heat-generating sequence! I hope to be able to do that arm balance someday :).

Andrew V.


I did enjoy this sequence but I wish she would have one of the girls actually use the blocks or show modifications to the poses. This is something we are doing after a rough weekend after all, some modifications would be appreciated.

Megan M.


Obliques still feeling it..great detox. Thanks Alexandria!

Camilla D.


wonderful class! Thank you!

Jana B.


Equally effective at erasing the weekend before the weekend!!! <3

Cecilia B.


I do this sequence every monday and it really makes me feel like Im releasing all those toxins! Love it!!

Karla M.


Great sequence!!! It really made me feel like I was erasing all my sins! Love Alexs humor!!


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