Free your spine through backbends and twists in this flowing beginner yoga sequence. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap


Lindsey M.


I loved this practice. My back feels so much better and I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.

A. A.


Amazing! Melanie's class reached every muscle in the back and left me with no back aches for days after just doing this video once! Amazing!

Terri H.


This is such a wonderfully structured and taught practice. The early backbends and twists are excellent preparation for the peak poses. I felt focused and engaged throughout the whole workout. Easy to modify up or down as well.

Dannette W.


These twists felt wonderful and the guided instruction was right on point, so easy to follow

joAnne f.


I love this one. I had difficulty streaming t tv so I just propped up my iPad. Definitely glad I did & this is one of new favs

Adria B.


This my new favorite sequence and Melanie is my new favorite teacher!Thank you so much! These twists and backbends are a great way to lengthen back out while nursing a newborn. I feel great! :)

Mi M.


thank you.

Ania W.


It is the first class I took at yogaworks and I'm impressed by how easy it is to follow without looking at the screen. I feel great afterwards, thank you!

C C.


amazing descriptions, I could get into the poses without even having to look at the screen, also very nice transitions, great to have the slower pace and feel through the poses..very regenerating...

mj g.


This sequence is clever and uses a backbend that more people can do as the peak pose. It is a kind of complicated path to get there, but worth it.

Amber B.


Ive dearly missed Melanies class since moving to the east coast, so Im thrilled to have these online practices through which I can again experience her warm voice, her sensible explanations, and her gentle-yet-confident mien. Her slow pacing and in-depth alignment instruction make these classes beginner-friendly, but I have to say, I always find such long holds to be a good challenge.

juliana f.


What a difference from the first twist to the last! Thanks, Melanie, for helping me loosen up and feel better today!


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