Move at a slower pace so you can draw your attention to your breath and alignment and really notice where you feel the sensations of a pose. Recommended props: 1 block


David G.


Insightful practice. I enjoyed the space visualization (adding more space to the body). The yoga derivation of course peaked my interest. Oh, yeah, this was hard-concentrated-practice and therefore appreciated.



Great class! Thanks Birgitte!

birgitte k.


Hi Paola, I love how dedicated you are to your practice. Thank you for all your feedback. Namaste, B

Varsha S.


Namaste Birgitte! As always, another beautiful joining / yoga with myself.. in its full attentiveness. The way you impart with the pace, humor and your calming voice are such a gift to us all.

Birgitte K.


Dear Varsha, Thank you again for taking the time to write a feedback. So happy that the practice worked for you - and laughing is so important these days - and of course connecting to a deep inner stillness. Namaste, Birgitte

Katie R.


Lovely practice for when I need to slow things down just a little

Birgitte K.


Hi Katie, Yes, sometimes slowing down is what is needed. Thank you so much for your feedback. Warmest, B

Kaye G.


I love Birgitte's pace and style of leadership... after another teacher told me that when they went to vinyasa classes they only did every second pose to ensure alignment and focus I discovered Birgitte and Anne's classes online. Love them both!

Birgitte K.


Hi Kaye, Thank you so much for your feedback. Happy to hear that you appreciate the pace of my classes. Namaste, Birgitte

Morgan H.


I discovered Birgitte and she is one of my new favorite instructors! Right now I need a slower pace to concentrate on proper alignment. I find holding longer and concentrating on the stretch does a lot to alleviate all the aches and tightness I accumulate from too much sitting at the computer. It's also super relaxing! Hope to see more classes from Birgitte on here!

Lindsey S.


I generally take Level 2 classes on myyogaworks, and this class was the perfect tune up class after a week break from yoga. Lots of chances to really get into the poses, easing my body back into poses without injury risk, while still building up a sweat. Thank you Birgitte for helping me practice mindfulness in movement!

Jana B.


Birgitte is fantastic! Lovely sequencing and cues. I feel fantastic after this practice!

Lily K.


This class felt peaceful with mindful instruction! The long poses were both strengthening and relaxing--a great class!

cara s.


I wasn't expecting to love this class because I usually like a fast-paced, sweaty class. Thanks Birgitte for changing my mind! Really nice class!

Ghazaleh R.


I felt very energized yet calm after this work out. I prefer a slow vinyasa in order to do each pose correctly and prevent injury.

Evangelia F.


This was great!!!! Love her teaching and her softness of her voice!!!!

Ismar Z.


I have noticed that most of the teachers speak very intense, this is one of a little bit more calm class. I really like it even if I would be a little bit more is some of the easy asanas to calm a little bit more... Maybe I will find some class even more calm, but until now this is the best one ;-)

Adam N.


love the way brigitte teaches ardha chandrasana (and all the other poses!). i had a breakthrough moment and really felt like understood ardha for the first time during this sequence. the ab work in the beginning was frustrating, but i think thats kinda the point, and it was nice to get it out of the way :) thanks!

Meaghan Q.


This was great! I loved her teaching style: several pauses for reflection and clear alignment cues. Includes standing poses and some flow. This was a calming yet invigorating class!

Amber B.


So glad to have a Birgitte class online! It was a joy to reconnect to her slow, calm, yet challenging approach which has been a huge influence on my practice. I always feel restored, never depleted, after this deep and mindful work, thanks in part to her reminders to reconnect to a calm, still center again and again. Now if only I could take one of John Gaydoss gentle, feel-good classes online, my yoga world would be complete...

Margarita J.


I loved everything about this class! The sequencing, the slow flow, and the instructions... Everything was just great! Did this class first thing on a Saturday morning and it helped me feel good the whole day.

Annette P.


I really enjoyed this class. The sequences were so balanced. Love the softness in your voice and your sense of humor. Beautiful class.


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