Level 1

Gentle Seated and Reclining Poses

Melanie Lora Meltzer
16 min
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A short beginner yoga practice of poses done exclusively seated and on your back for days when you need to take it slow and easy. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 strap


Dahlia E.


I like all of this instructor's videos thus far. I love how encouraging she is of brining yoga poses into your every day and being kind to your body. She is so motivating and relaxing.

Sandra S.


This is perfect when you feel stiff and need some gentle movement.

Tina T.


Nothing beats getting out of bed and slowly waking up to Melanie's calm soothing voice and gentle kind routine. Melanie's one of my favorite teachers!

T R.


This was my first yoga experience in over a year. I have been very tight in my back, so this was a nice, gentle start for me.

Katie O.


Really nice gentle practice that is perfect for evenings or days when you're feeling physically or emotionally fatigued. Show yourself some TLC! You'll thank yourself for it afterwards :)

Di H.


Great quick evening practice.

Michelle S.


my back has been so tight and this was a great stretch. will be doing this more often

Megan H.


I didnt realize I needed a strap so I couldnt finish this

Lindsay W.


Love this one on days I am super tired. Can do it in bed :)





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